I just moved in from Edmonton Downtown to Fraser and I got an easy moving experience with
Gardeep Sing11
Edmonton | June 8, 2015

I just moved in from Edmonton Downtown to Fraser and I got an easy moving experience with I just got their company from google and called immediately and afterwards we had a very friendly transaction and they did what they promised. I am very happy on my moving day and no regrets for contacting this company even if I never heard them before. If you are looking for a free-stress moving day, I highly recommend this company.

They took good care of my furniture
Angie Fenstein3
Saskatoon | April 10, 2015

The moving staff were very polite, worked really hard and were so pleasant the whole time. I called a few places when initially was looking for movers and all were more expensive. I felt very comfortable with TSM because they were so professional. They took good care of my furniture, packed up loose items I had laying around and were patient when I asked them to move furniture around in my new place after changing my mind a few times.

A reputable company
Marissa Yorkdale4
Winnipeg | April 6, 2015

Hiring a reputable company like Movers with Big Hearts was a great factor for a smooth, relaxing moving day. My family just moved in an apartment and we were very satisfied. Though they were late for a couple of minutes, its quite rewarding because we don’t have to worry the rest of the work. They were reliable and even if we demand a lot of things, they did what they promised.

Stress Free
Nancy Upton4
Regina | March 15, 2015

Everyone we hаd spоken with wеrе inсrediblу helpful and kind. I sроke with three or four реоple inсluding the ownеr, аnd everуоne wаs very helpful and professional. I selected thеm rаndomlу, with no refеrrаl, so I was a littlе concerned, however they were great. They prоvided the license аnd bоnd infоrmation up-frоnt withоut bеing аsked fоr it, whiсh I fееl is imроrtant. The whоle mоve wаs cоmpleted within thе еstimated time of 7 hours, even with the traffic setback. It was the mоst strеss frее, comfоrtable mоving expеrience I hаve ever hаd.

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Planning an Office Move?
How about we carry those for you… has been moving offices with care for over 20 years. Our office movers expertly organize your move to make sure all your documents and equipment arrive intact and organized.

  • We code all the boxes to make sure everything ends up where it should.
  • We have professional electronic equipment movers to make sure everything arrives in working order.
  • We take the same care with office furniture as we would with a residential move so everything arrives without dings or scratches.
  • We assign a professional office moving project manager specifically for your move.

Call us for a Free Quote on your office move today:

Can my car come too?
You bet!

If you want to arrive to your new home without driving your own car, let us know. Our movers can make arrangements to handle your personal vehicles as well.

We can arrange for a flat-bed tow so that your vehicle arrives at the same time as your belongings. Our service is fully insured and our commitment to making sure your valuable arrive in the condition they left applies to your car as well.

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Need to store your belongings?
Leave it at our place

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and many of our locations have on-site secured storage facilities. We use the latest technology available to the self-storage industry including:

  • Easy-card accessibility with 100% of our units.
  • Fully fenced perimeter, individually alarmed units and strategically placed security cameras.
  • Climate controlled units.
  • Material handling equipment available on site.

Call us for a Free Quote on your storage needs today:

Couches are meant for sitting.
Let us do the heavy lifting With Big Hearts has been moving your friends, relatives, and neighbors for over 30 years. We are the largest independent moving network in North America with over:

  • 100 trucks,
  • 30 offices across USA
  • 250 employees

So what sets apart With Big Hearts Moving from other movers? Anyone can mover your stuff, but we move your life. Your heirlooms, memories, and cherished belongings are what make a house or apartment truly a home. This isn’t just “stuff” to you and neither is it to us.

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You need moving supplies?
We’ve got moving supplies.

When you come to us for your moving needs, we handle every detail – that includes moving supplies. We have every kind of box and material cover you could need to ensure that your belongings arrive organized and in mint condition.

We also offer a packing service to make sure your move is as stress-free as possible. Not only are we committed to handling your possessions as if they were our own, but we’re dedicated to doing it at the most competitive price that you’re likely to find. Look, we’ve been doing this a long time. In the last 30 years, we’ve helped over 100,000 people to move. Obviously, we’ve got this down. That’s why we can do it so well and at a price that may surprise you.

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“Handel” with care.

Some items take extra special care. With over 30 years in business, we have the expertise to move even the most delicate of instruments and heirlooms.

Our moving experts will move and secure your items to ensure they arrive undamaged and require the minimum in re-tuning, if at all.

Call us for a Free Quote on your moving needs today:

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